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Aggs Team Scotland tackle Ben Ledi

As part of the welbeing initiative that is very much under way, Aggregates Scotland Area Manager Andrew Crombie proposed a challenge to all staff in the area to see if they could test themselves to climb Ben Ledi.(The highest most southerly place in Scotland) standing at 2,884 feet.

Kevin Hill, Hyndford Quarry Manager comments, “The walk started at 8:30am on Saturday 27th August and was completed at 1pm and included Andrew Crombie, William Stokes, Allan Whyte and myself.

If the date had not fallen on the adopted bank holiday then I’m sure there would have been more participating, (well, that was everyones excuse anyway) . As I have never taken part in any hill climbing activities before, I thought this could be a great way of being able to challange myself.

The walk was very enjoyable, taking in the tremendous views of the trossachs and various lochs (once the fog had cleared) that were overlooked by Ben Ledi.

But at the same time, it was very testing on the legs. As I realised the next day and the day after… The best thing was the sense of achievement and desire to challange ourselves with another (higher) climb next time round.

Hopefully this will encourage others to try and challange themselves and potentially trigger a change in our efforts to become more active.

Thanks must go to Drew for showing us the way, otherwise we would have got lost,.and for keeping our hopes up of reaching the summit.”