Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Alone And Safe – New Safety Support For Our Lone Night Drivers

Imagine, you are driving a Cement Tanker alone at 1am.  You arrive on site, alone, unlock the gate to drive in. It’s dark, cold, and raining- the surface is uneven – you lose your footing, fall awkwardly and break your ankle.  No one is there to help you and your mobile phone is up in the cab.  You lie there wondering how you are going to get up and get help…

If you had a blackline safety device, you’d be able to.

The UK has introduced the first ever safety device for our lone, Night Cement Tanker Drivers – both CEMEX and Agency Drivers. The new gadget is worn like a badge. It tracks the driver via GPS and acts as a safety alert if they have an accident.  Should the Driver get into trouble they can either press a button to raise the alarm, or the ‘man down’ function automatically senses if they fall and raises the alarm.

Barrie Flitton, Operations Manager Logistics, commented: “The idea for this came from the workforce, and everyone benefits from greater peace of mind that our lone workers are safe.”

Here is a short video about the new device: