Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Always Watching…..

In these days of social media our company is always under scrutiny from the public – no one more so than our drivers.  They are the public face of our company. 

Just this week we have had two reports, via twitter, of CEMEX truck drivers who were breaking the law – one was on a phone whilst driving (he has since been let go from his employment with one of our contractors) and the other, a driver who ran a red light.

Please be aware of your behaviour at all times, particularly when you are driving in a CEMEX vehicle.  Both drivers were captured on camera by members of the public.

It goes without saying that we must all keep to the rules of the road when driving, but remember if you are ever tempted not to, it is most likely someone will have their phone out and put it onto social media.  This has consequences for those involved and, of course, impacts negatively on our company’s hard earned reputation.  Just think of United Airlines and the tattered reputation they now have after just one bad incident broadcast on social media!!