Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Another Safe Week – Well Done

Thankfully last week was another safe week for everyone working for CEMEX UK.  There were no incidents (TRI or LTI) last week to either direct employees or contractors.  Michel Andre, our new Country President, spent his first week visiting doing a “Step-In” tour of 17 UK operations as well as CEMEX House in Rugby.  He met over 400 of you during the week!

His first impressions are clear:  “I believe that CEMEX UK teams have been setting very high safety standards and we must make sure that they are applied consistently every second on every site.

Disciplined consistency to safety will be key in making incidents a thing of the past.

We have to have a no tolerance attitude towards anything that deviates from best safety practice.  I am confident that our collective leadership will enable a consistent and disciplined roll-out of this culture.”

The photo shows Michel having a safety tour of the Sand Heron with Ships Master, Georgina.