Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Another Week Injury Free – Keep It Up

Congratulations to everyone for keeping each other safe last week.  This makes it our sixth week injury free.  Everyone deserves to go home safely every day.  Please stay vigilant and keep yourselves safe above all else.

Michel had this to say about our current performance: “The impact we should all have in mind is the positive message it provides to all our stakeholders’ families and friends, noticing that CEMEX is safe to do business with and that their beloved ones are set to come back home safely after a day of work.… but, and there is always a “but” with safety performances… please keep up with the right attitude, consider that safety unfortunately has little memory, and keep our own vulnerability always in mind.

Please carry on with applying our Health & Safety procedures starting with “Stop/Think & Check”, always stepping in anytime we observe any risks or unsafe behaviour.

I wish you all a safe and great week… with a special attention to the hot temperatures that are scheduled in several areas this week: keep hydrating yourselves properly and do take longer breaks as required.”