Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Another Zero Week – Keep It Up!

Another ZERO week … “This is great news! Let’s extend our ZERO performance one more week,” commented Jesus Gonzalez our CEMEX UK President. “Our statistics show that February is a month where we experience a spike in incidents, especially slips, trips and falls. Please take extraordinary precautions to keep everyone safe and always STEP IN when you see an unsafe behaviour.

It is very sad to read that we had 5 fatalities across CEMEX worldwide operations in January. This is a reminder that we need to stay very vigilant 24/7. I’d like to share with you the message from our CEO Fernando Gonzalez with regard our performance in January. Please share it with your Teams”:

“January has been a terrible start to the year in terms of fatalities and I’m deeply saddened by the events that have occurred. In fact, over the past few months we have witnessed an adverse trend in fatal incidents and I do expect all Line Managers, especially in the operations where they have been occurring, to help reverse this situation as quickly as possible. We can do this by properly implementing our Improvement Plans in a timely manner and by ensuring we introduce additional controls where needed across all our operations as we learn from the tragic incidents that have taken place. The Safety Alerts that are issued following the release of investigation reports provide you with valuable information, so please make sure that you personally review each one and that together with your Management Team you agree what additional steps need to be taken to prevent a recurrence.

 On a more positive note, it is pleasing to see that 30 countries achieved the first month of the year with ZERO employee and contractor LTIs and that our employee LTI Rate has reduced by 44% when compared to the same period last year. We still have many challenges, but performances like this convince me that we can overcome them and achieve the ultimate target we are all striving for, which is ZERO fatalities, ZERO LTIs and all other types of injury.  I rely on you all to keep insisting that safety is at the very top of everyone’s agenda so we can achieve our ZERO-4-Life target.”