Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Area 12, 9 Years Incident Free

Terri Charles, Area Manager, was pleased to announce that on Sunday 26 November Area 12 became 9 years LTI free and 9 years TRI free. 

He commented: “This is an excellent achievement and one for us to be very proud of.

I would like to thank everyone in the Area for this achievement including drivers, contractors and visitors. This helps us to demonstrate that ZERO is possible by ensuring Health & Safety is our number 1 priority focusing on looking after yourself and looking after each other, and making Safety a Personal Value. We have had many examples of stepping in over the course of the year which is leading by example and being prepared to stop any unsafe behaviour of which I thank you. If we continue to do this it will strengthen our Health & Safety culture further.

We should feel very proud of this performance whilst remembering Safety has no memory and starts at the beginning of each and every day. Once again, I would like to thank you for your efforts here and please continue to be vigilant putting Health and Safety first demonstrating our leadership and commitment.”