Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Be Careful On The Roads

It’s winter, there is less daylight and more bad weather please take extra care on the roads at all times, but especially between 3pm and 6pm when 1/3 of all accidents happen in the winter.  There were two road incidents this week involving employees, thankfully no one was hurt – but vehicles were badly damaged.  This is just a reminder to drive carefully and adopt the MY SPACE principles below.

M aintain a safe stopping speed. If someone enters yours space, hang back

Y ou are in control. Anticipate the situation

S peed – The No.1 cause of winter driving accidents is driving too fast

P atience and courtesy save lives

A wareness of other vehicles and your environment is essential

C oncentration – The increased hazards of winter driving makes this important

E xit – Always leave yourself an out