Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Be Prepared!

With the temperature plummeting we want to make sure every one is well prepared for working in cold environments.

Unfortunately, one of our employees at Dove Holes Quarry in the UK suffered a fractured wrist as he was getting into his car at the end of his shift.

It was 10.00pm and the employee had removed snow and ice from his car windows, but as he opened his door he slipped and fell backwards, putting his hand down to arrest his fall.  It had snowed previously in the day and the area had been cleared and gritted/salted two hours earlier, however, with the temperature at approximately -7C it is believed the ground had frozen.

The employee has been able to return to work on restricted duties and, therefore, the incident has been included in the Total Recordable Incidents (TRIs).  This is a reminder for us all to take extra care while we continue to experience winter weather, ensuring we wear the correct footwear and stay on designated routes.  It is also important that sites have arrangements in place for keeping pedestrian routes clear of snow and ice.