Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Bleep, bleep…vehicle reversing…

When CEMEX visitors attend the Rugby office for meetings or training sessions, please remember to reverse-park in the pay and display car park. Our reverse-parking policy applies wherever you park as it is safer for yourself and for other road users. Even when others members of the public have not reverse-parked, please follow our policy and keep safe. Reverse parking reduces the risks of collisions on leaving the parking space when vision is restricted.

And remember…

All Company owned and hired road haulage vehicles and mobile plant must have an effective audible reverse warning system and, where possible, a visual reverse warning system as well, e.g. a reversing bleeper accompanied by white reversing lights.

Road haulage vehicles and mobile plant that are owned by contractors who work on behalf of CEMEX must also have effective audible and visual reverse warning systems.