Health & Safety

Health & Safety

CEMEX Haulier Health & Safety Awards 2017 – Q2 Winner

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Quarter 2 2017 CEMEX Haulier Health & Safety Award is Stephen Fairley Haulage in recognition of their organisation and involvement in Truck and Child Safety.

On Thursday 25th May, S Fairley Haulage coordinated a Truck and Child Safety event at Moorfoot Primary School, Midlothian, near CEMEX’s Temple Quarry, which has a number of building developments in the surrounding area. S Fairley Haulage gathered support from CEMEX, Scania GB and Halfords for the event, with over 90 children at Moorfoot Primary School learning how to walk and cycle safely around commercial vehicles. Children also dressed in bright colours to support “Be Bright Be Seen”. They sat inside the truck cab and had practical sessions on blind spots. Ronnie Simpson delivered information sessions in the assembly hall with training videos and a Word Search competition. Children and staff all enjoyed the event and each child took home a “Stay Safe On The Road” goodie bag.

In summary, the initiative brought together local business with local community, educating some of our most vulnerable road users on Health & Safety in a safe, memorable, fun and interesting way. It is vitally important to encourage the efforts made to improve the Health & Safety culture in our haulier companies as recent incidents highlight that safety has no memory – we have to be vigilant every day. With this in mind, we applaud S Fairley Haulage for taking measures to improve their community awareness and safety.

The main picture shows Ronnie Simpson presenting Shirley Fairley with the Q2 Haulier Safety Award on behalf of S Fairley Haulage.

…and here is Ronnie presenting Shirley Fairley with the Red Letter Day recognition for her dedication, time and effort in coordinating the whole day and making it seamless.