Health & Safety

Health & Safety

CEMEX Is Supporting Road Safety Week – 23-29 November

Thousands of communities, schools and organisations have signed up for the UK’s flagship road safety event to help make roads safer and enable everyone to get around without fear or threat. The events are co-ordinated by road safety charity Brake.

This year’s theme is about making our streets safer and more pleasant by encouraging people to ‘Drive less, live more’. We’ll be encouraging everyone to see if they can reduce car journeys by walking, cycling or using public transport instead, both for work and at home.

The launch of Road Safety Week is taking place in London on Monday 23rd November, supported by a number of organisations involved in road safety.  CEMEX is supporting the event with our new Econic tipper with 90% extra visibility to show how vehicle design can be improved to save vulnerable road users lives.

We’re encouraging everyone to consider how they use roads, and if they can ditch some vehicle mileage, and instead walk, cycle or use public transport as much as possible. Work out how much money you’ll save, pollution you won’t create and on a healthier aspect, how many calories you’ll burn – and build it into your daily routine.

If you have to drive, whether for work or home, drive slowly and smoothly, and only go 20 mph in towns and villages to protect vulnerable road users.

Please display the posters at the end of this article (or in the download section) to encourage everyone to ‘Drive Less’ if practical and get active.