Health & Safety

Health & Safety

CEMEX Marine Celebrate 1 Year LTI-Free

CEMEX UK Marine achieved 1 year LTI-free recently, and celebrated the achievement jointly with one of our contractors who had reached a similar milestone around the same time.

Kevin Williams, Superintendent, said:  “As you all know we are all working together to ensure the safety of our staff and colleagues working in an environment where there is risk.  On 19th August 2017 A&P Tees marked 1 year Loss Time Injury (LTI) free. This has coincided with CEMEX Marine reaching the same milestone on 23rd August 2017. In addition to this, the Sand Fulmar reached 1 year LTI-free in April. This is a matter of real satisfaction to all concerned.

To mark the achievement and recognise the efforts made by all, it was decided to celebrate the occasion with a Hog Roast lunch for both crews of the Sand Fulmar and the Yard which turned out to be a rather wet occasion.

Although the significance of the achievement was celebrated, it was also very important to recognise that hard work begins again to ensure standards are maintained or improved upon to ensure we all reach our ultimate goal of going home safely at the end of the day.  Thank you to all.”