Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Check Your Boundaries

Whilst there were no recordable workplace injuries in the UK last week, sadly an elderly member of the public died on one of our Quarries; at this stage we believe the cause of death was suicide.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased, while our thanks go to the team on the Quarry for the support they provided to the Emergency Services.

This tragic incident is a reminder to us all of the need to ensure appropriate precautions are in place to deter trespassers and also protect them from injury should they gain access to our sites.

The controls should be based on risk assessment, being in proportion to the potential risk and also history of trespass.  In addition to suitable site boundaries and warning signage being in place, risk assessments should determine the relevant hazards and necessary precautions, such as those to prevent people gaining access at height, to mobile plant, overhead cables or water hazards and silt lagoons; appropriate rescue equipment should also be provided.

In addition, the control measures should be included in the inspection and maintenance schemes, with records being maintained of any repairs, preferably including photographs.  Guidance from the Mineral Products Association on the Management of Public Safety are in the download section of the UK News website.