Health & Safety

Health & Safety

COVID Comms Business Update

Following the Government’s announcements on 5th and 12th July, the RRT has carefully considered the changing restrictions and how these may impact the way we operate.

It is important to recognise that cases are still increasing nationwide, and this is being reflected amongst employees – with three positive cases of COVID confirmed last week, and 15 people isolating.

We must ensure that we are all acting responsibly and looking out for each other; particularly those who are vulnerable or who have not yet received both doses of the vaccine. Caution is still needed, to protect the health & wellbeing of our colleagues and their families, and also to minimise business interruption.

Taking this into consideration, the RRT has decided that the vast majority of current processes and protocols will remain in place for the time being, with the intention to reassess mid-August.

This means:

  • Physical distancing measures should stay in place, including the adaptations made to facilitate this such as barriers, floor markings and Perspex screens on desks
  • Masks should continue to be worn, following the existing ‘Mask & Move’ policy
  • The COVID induction for visitors to sites will remain
  • Enhanced cleaning measures to be maintained, alongside the use of hand sanitiser and ventilation of rooms and buildings
  • We continue to encourage regular use of lateral flow tests – ideally twice weekly
  • All of the other COVID Protocols, and the Four Behaviours that Save Lives, should still be followed
  • Overseas business travel is still for essential reasons only and subject to RRT approval

However, we are comfortable for face-to-face meetings to resume where physical distancing can be maintained. Additionally, external visitors can come to sites and Sales Representatives / Technicians etc can resume visits to sites (both ours and our customers where this is not already taking place).

Finally, Drivers may share vehicles where there is a business need, or for training purposes, providing good practice recommendations are followed.

Looking at our offices that are currently closed, the intention is that our Transport Planning and Shipping teams and Customer Service teams will return on a phased basis from mid-September. During this period other office staff should continue to work remotely as they are now. This will help to ensure an organised return to our larger offices with occupancy levels which will enable us to maintain appropriate physical distancing. Once these teams are settled back into our offices, we will make plans for others to be able to return. If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to your Line Manager or the HR team.

Please do not return to the office until you are advised to do so and please request permission from Carl Platt for any visits you may need to make.

The health and safety of all those who work for CEMEX continues to be the number one priority for the RRT, and this is why we have decided to take a cautious approach as the final stage of lockdown measures ease. We believe this is particularly important when you take into consideration that this is the time of the year when people are taking holidays, while self-isolation following close contact is still in place until 16th August. It is vital that those working on our sites are able to do so safely with minimal disruption.  These measures will be reassessed next month, and further updates will be provided.

We ask all employees to remain vigilant to the risks that are still very real. Please be respectful and considerate of those you work with; do not assume they are keen for things to return to ‘normal’. Above all, follow the Four Behaviours that Save Lives and stay safe.