Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Customer JN Bentley Wins Cluster 6 Partners In Safety Award

In Cluster 6 Health & Safety isn’t just about CEMEX and contractors it also applies to our customers. JN Bentley in January received our Cluster Partners in Safety Award.

Danny Roberts, Cluster 6 Sales Manager, congratulates everyone involved: “This is part of our “added value” at CEMEX that we can keep our customers safe too. The certificate is awarded in recognition of an outstanding commitment to site safety and for working in partnership with CEMEX to keep employees safe throughout the delivery process.

In the picture on a cold windy morning on site, Monday 13th Feb, Damon Montgomery, Cluster Manager, Jenny Deacon, Sales Representative, and myself are presenting the Award to Kevin Young, Procurement Manager, Jonathon Edwards, Project Manager, receiving the award.

This is a large volume contract with up to date over 900 loads delivered Clifton Marsh WWTW, Preston, Lancashire which has a high level of traffic movements.  The JN Bentley site Team met our Cluster 6 Team on many occasions to plan all pours and engage on Health & Safety from all perspectives, with everyone’s agreed goal to have ‘ZERO incidents’ on this complex project.

This is another great example of CEMEX’s leadership with a key customer in Cluster 6.”