Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Cutting Disc Failure

An employee was very fortunate not to have been more seriously injured whilst cutting some steel when a 230mm cutting disc being used in a hand held grinder broke away from its centre hub.  The disc struck the employee’s cheek at high speed causing cuts and grazes to his face.

step in logo resizedPlease read the attached Alert (or download it from the download section of the UK News website

Please consider how close our employee was to suffering a very severe injury.  This is the second Alert we have issued this year regarding the potential risks associated with the use of hand held grinders and follows several incidents reported across CEMEX in recent years.

Hand held grinders can be very useful tools; however, it is important that they are only used by trained, competent, authorised people who are aware of the pre use inspections that are required, the necessary precautions to take and who are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment, including goggles and visors.

Please discuss this Alert with all relevant personnel including contractors, and consider the Key Review Points to ensure we avoid any further injuries.  Please also post the Alert on relevant noticeboards.