Health & Safety

Health & Safety

CXME Employee App – Check For Latest Safety Alerts

If you haven’t installed the new CXME Employee App on your smartphone then see how to in the instructions.Voices into Actions resized It is very easy to use and one of the benefits is that you can view the Safety Alerts as they come through each week.

The UK Safety Alerts are under the KEEP SAFE AND WELL button, and include a picture to illustrate the information.

The CXME App was developed as part of improving internal communications from the feedback you gave in the employee engagement survey, and is part of turning Your Voices into Actions.

Here is how to download the App onto your smartphone:

  • Go to
  • Choose Apple (IOS) or Android
  • Enter your 8 digit employee number (which starts with 0), and create a password following the instructions
  • On the next screen enter your employee number again when it asks for Usernameand repeat the password you just created
  • Then download the App from the store

The App is also available on a tablet or laptop via this link once you have registered –

Please also check that you have enabled notifications for this App on your phone, as “Push Notifications” will be sent to you when new information is uploaded. To do this go to Settings > Notifications and check that for CXME the notifications are enabled.