Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Don’t Chance It….

‘Look out before you step out’ is the message emblazoned in our newly liveried Cement tanker which is taking to the road this week.  

Nothing is more important than safety; Dave Hart and Michel Andre (in photo) are pleased to see the message start to get out on the roads.  We are using our tankers as a mobile large warning sign for pedestrians to take extra care when crossing the roads, especially around large vehicles.  Even our own name and branding takes second place to safety.

This is just the start of a new campaign to spread the word amongst pedestrians to think about their own safety and don’t chance it by crossing roads without thinking first – especially vulnerable pedestrians, such as the elderly, young people and people walking with children. This leads on from our cycle safety campaign which has been running for many years.  It is hoped that our pedestrian campaign also makes an impact particularly in highly urban areas where pedestrian fatalities are more of a risk.

Look out for our new livery on a road near you…..