Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Drive According To The Conditions Of The Road

Colin Galvin, RMX Technical Manager, shared the following incident he witnessed last week and kindly agreed we could use it to remind everyone to take extra care while driving in adverse weather conditions and always drive in accordance with the conditions.

In addition, it’s a good reminder to ensure tyres have sufficient tread depth (> 3mm) and to follow breakdown procedures in the event of an incident and not create an additional hazard. Thanks go to Colin for sharing the information and, more so, for looking after the people who were injured.

Here is a link on what to do to avoid aquaplaning or if you find yourself driving a car which is aquaplaning:

Colin tells the story: “I was caught up in an accident earlier today on the M25 Eastbound (I wasn’t involved but witnessed event to a bad smash at ~50mph in pouring rain conditions). There were casualties in both cars. I sat with a young lady trapped in her Mercedes for over 30 minutes until the ambulance crews arrived at the scene. The fire unit cut the roof off the vehicle to gain access and safely remove the lady from the car. The other vehicle driver had a bad head injury and was wandering around the (still moving) carriageway.  Luckily, I had towels in the boot of my car which helped reduce the blood flow. Both were in a state of shock.

The BMW (male driver) hit a pool of water on lane 3 of the M25 and aquaplaned sideways across the carriageway. The young lady in the Mercedes tried to avoid the BMW and both collided into the central (concrete) reservation and back across the carriageway onto the inner 2 lanes.

The worst part was that the boyfriend of the young lady arrived at the scene on the opposite side of the carriageway and parked his car in the outside lane in torrential rain, jumped over the reservation and ran to his girlfriend’s car. Cars were swerving to miss his vehicle. The Police were not impressed and had to close both carriageways.  Scary stuff and a reminder to us all to drive with care in wet conditions.”

Thankfully Colin has since heard that the driver’s injuries were not life threatening.