Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Emergency Training Put Into Action

Well done to Dean and Mark at Brentwood Concrete Plant for putting their emergency training into practice over the weekend.

We had three members of staff working at Brentwood Concrete Plant this weekend, Dave Grzesica – Plant Fitter, Dean Bloomfield – Relief Plant Manager and Mark Wilkin Plant Manager. They were removing some concrete plinths from under the loading area using a mini digger with a breaker.

After stopping for a cuppa and sandwich they went back to their work before Dave told his colleagues that he did not feel too well and was going to have a sit down in the mess room. In a very short time Dave called Mark over and it became obvious that he was really unwell. Mark and Dean were very concerned; they made him comfortable and called an ambulance. Dave’s skin had turned a purple colour and his body began swelling up.

Whilst all three were familiar with this plant it was not their normal location so their regular emergency training came in to operation.  Information could be taken from the notice board to give to the emergency services and Dean stayed with Dave whilst Mark went to the plant entrance to guide in the ambulance.

The Paramedics monitored Dave before taking him off to the local Accident and Emergency Hospital. It is believed that Dave had suffered a reaction to something he had eaten but further tests are going to be made. He was released from Hospital later that day and is now fine.

This was a great example of “Looking After Yourself and Each Other”.

Dave asked to share this experience with everyone, particularly highlighting the training we all have when we practice Emergency Drills. He also wanted to pass on his thanks to Dean and Mark for taking care of him. The Team was pleased to see Dave back to work on Monday as bouncy as ever!