Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Fit And Alert, Don’t Drive Tired…..

This is the second week of our Driving Essentials Campaign ‘Fit and Alert’ and this week we are looking at Driver Fatigue and the danger of driving tired.

Fatigue is a major contributory factor in crashes, with too little sleep radically affecting driver attention, awareness, reaction time and ability to control the vehicle.  Studies have found that up to one in six crashes resulting in death or injury on major roads are fatigue-related; unlike alcohol and drugs, police can’t test for tiredness.

Peak times for fatigue-related crashes are within the hours of 2.00am-6.00am and 2.00pm-4.00pm when drivers are naturally more tired.

About 40% of fatigue-related crashes involve commercial vehicle drivers.

Please discuss and share these materials with your teams and remember that driving is something most of us undertake – not just our truck drivers.  The poster is in the download section on the website.