Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Focus On Avoiding Slips, Trips And Falls Next Week

Remember that next week is Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls week at all of our sites. 

With seven Lost Time Incidents Year to Date and over 40% of these incidents due to a Slip, Trip or Fall, we really need to focus on next weeks ‘Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign’ to help reverse this trend – let us all ‘Get A Grip!’


Things to do next week:



  1. Stop and think – talk with colleagues.
  2. Watch and share the video alert.
  3. Carry out a Get a Grip audit.
  4. Review yellow paint on walkways and stairs.
  5. Get the children designing a safety poster!!

There will be an audit sheet, video and guidelines available from Friday for you to use.  We will be sending out an email with the links to the materials.  Please see the download section on the UK News website for an example of the Slips, Trips and Falls audit, to carry out on sites next week.

Please get behind this campaign next week and if you can tweet about it or send us in photos of your teams carrying out audits or repainting lines we can share them with everyone.  The more we share the more we will encourage each other to be as safe as we can be.