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Health & Safety

From here to Monte Carlo

The Supply Chain Team decided to enter a team in the pedometer challenge again this year. Given the fact that they are largely office based, it was a good opportunity to show that exercise can be done with just a few tweaks to how you plan your day.

Nicholas Watson explains what they did:  “Before we started, I was asked to set a geographical challenge based on 10,000 steps a day and a team of 8 people (this included a friend of one of our colleagues and a 7 year old who wanted to take part). Giving some leeway for the youngest member of our team it was decided we should try and walk the combined distance from Dove Holes to Monte Carlo, which is just under 1,050 miles, with the aim of hopefully being there in time for a glass of something cold and a good seat for the Grand Prix (Stock photo I’m afraid)

Unfortunately, since the target was set, we had an injury to a member of the group, who still persevered and completed over 200,000 steps, and, as a group, we pulled together and completed our initial challenge with a week to go (Early Delivery). We didn’t stop there and carried on walking the equivalent of another 341 miles (or 164 laps of the circuit).

In the month we achieved the following: –

  • A bike ride by one person which raised £770 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance
  • One member of the team walked at least 10,000 steps every day with no additional steps claimed (this included 30,000 steps on one day)
  • One person made sure they kept going even on a well earned holiday – no let up allowed
  • Our 7 yr old completed over 400,000 steps, which is an incredible effort, not only the number, but the commitment for 4 weeks. Nice to see the right messages getting across early in life that will hopefully shape a great health future

All in all a great challenge for Colleagues, Friends and Family and some targets met for a much healthier lifestyle and future. Two of us plan to continue to challenge each other with targets to make sure it isn’t a one month effort.