Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Get A Grip! Don’t Fall In Feb

This week’s Slips, Trips and Falls poster focuses on getting in and out of the cab correctly using the vehicle’s grip handles.

Far too many drivers use the wrong hand holds – using the steering wheel and door as grip points – both of which are not a fixed point and can move.

The incident used on the poster demonstrates the consequences of not having the correct grip – a bad back and several weeks of suffering. This driver was lucky he was wearing a safety helmet as he fell backwards to the ground.

So remember when getting in and out of the cab:-

  • Do not carry objects – keep both hands free
  • Keep steps and boots clean
  • Report defects such as broken handholds or steps
  • Use the correct cab hand holds
  • Use all the steps – do not take a short cut

Please ensure you STEP IN and display the poster (in the download section of UK News or at the end of the print out) in a prominent position on notice boards, particularly in areas where drivers are likely to see this. Use the poster as a focus point of discussion at safety meetings and STEP IN if you see drivers not using the right grip.