Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Global CEMEX Achieves New Safety Record

By the end of the first quarter of 2016, CEMEX achieved an Employee Lost Time Injury (LTI) Frequency Rate of 0.5.  This is an excellent achievement that sets a new record for CEMEX.

Although we achieved this global stepping stone target towards ZERO injuries three months later than we originally expected, it demonstrates not only that our Health and Safety culture is constantly improving, but also – most importantly – that fewer of our people are being injured.

For 2015, our company made significant progress towards our common goal of ZERO injuries.  Globally, we improved our LTI Frequency Rate by 50% – reaching 0.6 – our greatest level of improvement in one year and the best performance by a global company in our industry.

Recently, our CEO Fernando González, congratulated our whole organisation on this achievement and thanked every employee who made this new record possible for our company.

Nevertheless, we cannot rest on our recent achievements.  Indeed, our next goal is to reach, as a company, an LTI Frequency Rate of at least 0.4 this year.

While many challenges still lie ahead, by working together, we can meet and exceed this target, and set another new record for CEMEX.

Always remember that there is nothing more important than the ealth and safety of our employees, contractors, and all of those who interact with our company.

Always keep health and safety as your top priority each and every day.