Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Great News

Last week we managed to clock up our 7th week LTI and TRI free in the UK.  This means that everyone went home safely to their families.  Michel had this message:

“It is really pleasing and encouraging to report on our 7th consecutive week without incident in our operations. I want to take the opportunity to commend everyone for their commitment for safety. Well done!

That said, we need to stay 100% alert moving forward, avoiding any type of relaxation as we all know well that safety has little memory. We need to start every single day as a new challenge, being aware of our own vulnerability and being 100% prepared to apply our Health and Safety standards starting with Stop & Think & Check when undertaking any task, and always Stepping In when you observe any risk and/or unsafe behaviour.

Last, but not least, with the sunny and hot weather, please make sure you are properly hydrated during the day: 1.5 to 2.0 litres of water a day should be a minimum target. Below these thresholds our body may feel sleepy and our brain much less alert.  I wish you all a safe and healthy week.”