Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health And Safety Message From Michel

It is pleasing to report a return to ZERO Harm performance, with no Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) or Recordable Injuries (TRIs) last week. I would also like to congratulate Aggregates North West teams for their accomplishment of a very significant milestone over the weekend achieving 10 years LTI free and 1 year TRI free. This achievement demonstrates the strong leadership, especially on safety matters, helping to create a culture and work environment where everyone feels personally concerned and alert of his/her own vulnerability and does STEP IN when observing any risks or improper behaviour. Please carry on with this exemplary mindset that is a source of inspiration for all of us.

Post-Easter, with volumes of activity returning progressively to higher levels, please make sure we all think and act “safety first”, applying “Stop, Think and Check” every time, everywhere. No production or sales urgency should make us deviate from our safety standards. Please STEP-IN if you see any deviation and remind your boss, colleagues or direct reports of our safety standards and the need to stay 100% alert.

I wish you all a good and safe week.

Take care,