Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Weekly Update

Unfortunately, one of our contractors suffered an injury to his forearm last week while using a fixed bladed knife to cut through a plastic water pipe.  The wound required three stitches and is classed as a medical treatment case and, therefore, reportable as a recordable injury (TRI).

Michel Andre commented: “It is very disappointing to report on a further contractor TRI which resulted from improper behaviour, forgetting to stop and think before acting. Contractors represent a hot spot in term of safety and I encourage everyone to make sure ALL our safety procedures and practices are properly inducted and followed by every contractor, everywhere, every time. We must also make sure that we do not select suppliers that fail in respecting our safety standard and/or in training and supervising their employees.”

Injuries with fixed blade knives were in the past relatively common; however, improved control measures reduced their frequency.  Before using a fixed blade knife the risk of injury can be reduced by taking the time to STOP, THINK… & CHECK:

  • Can the need to use the knife be eliminated by, for example, ordering materials to size?
  • Is a knife the right tool for the job?… in the incident last week a hacksaw would have been more suitable.
  • If a knife must be used, is it a safety knife with a self-retracting blade?
  • Do you have the right personal protective equipment for the task, including anti cut gloves and long sleeved coveralls?

Is there a safe system of work/are safe work methods being used, including the requirement to always cut away from the body?