Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health Surveillance Changes

As part of our commitment to health we are introducing some changes to the health surveillance programme in 2017. From next year everyone attending health surveillance will receive a personal health report which will be posted to them after their appointment. The report will give them a summary of their test results, what the findings mean and advice on what to do if further action is necessary.

We hope this will be informative and help in a better consideration of health whilst working and making healthier lifestyle choices where desirable. In addition, an optional Blood Test will be offered which will test for a range of conditions and provide an indicator of general health. The Blood Test will only be available on request at the time of organising the health surveillance and has to be booked with RPS as part of the normal health surveillance appointment; the need for advance warning is the additional time and equipment needed to carry out the test.

Coordinators of health surveillance will need to ask all personnel due to attend health checks if they require this additional check and advise RPS accordingly. As always, any information from health tests are strictly confidential between the individual and RPS, CEMEX has no access to any medical information on individuals.

For more information please contact Peter Luxmore, Health & Safety Operations Manager.