Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Help Stop The Bad Trend

With four employee LTIs so far this year, our employee rolling 12 months lost time injury rate has gone up from 0.1 back in June 2016 to 1.5 in June 2017.  This highlights how severe our negative wave of incidents we have been suffering in CEMEX UK during the past 12 months is.   The last time our rate was this high was in 2009.

More importantly, every injury results in pain and suffering for the person it happens to and impacts on their families too.  Imagine if you couldn’t walk for six weeks due to a broken toe? How could you drive your car with an injured hand?  Some injuries don’t just finish after the wound has healed they can also have long term affects.  How would you feel if a colleague fell and slipped a disc all because you hadn’t reported an uneven surface or loose hand rail?

Nothing is worth compromising your own or others safety.

Jesus sends this message: “After reviewing the learnings from previous incidents, I’m concerned about the quality of our permit to work and worksafe assessments. These documents are not just paper work that it is filled out in the canteen, it has been designed to help us to identify hazards and put in place measures to eliminate or reduce risks and eventually avoid people getting injured.

It is very important that our front line employees and contractors dedicate enough time to discuss and prepare these documents. Also as Managers, it is our responsibility to check for the quality of risk assessments and permits to work.”