Health & Safety

Health & Safety

IHC Forum Held In Cluster 3

Well done to the management, IHCs and staff in Cluster 3 for their commitment, Team work and engagement in last week’s IHC forum. 

The focus was on STEP IN and all are committed to looking after themselves and others.  There were several accounts given where people had stepped in, which may have averted an incident/accident happening both on CEMEX and customers sites.

Several other safety values were discussed during the evening which included Lone Working, Slips Trips and Falls, NMHA reporting and My Space.  With over half of the Cluster 3 IHCs attending, there was no shortage of questions or comments.  The evening continued with an open forum with Regional Director, Craig Williamson, in the hot seat, where individual IHC concerns were dealt with.

Once again, thanks to all for an enjoyable and engaging evening.