Health & Safety

Health & Safety

IHC Ryan Steps In…..

Last week one of our IHC’s, Ryan Gorman, brought a safety alert to our attention – he was concerned about potential hazards on a customer site.  The site is for a new Biomass Plant and will require over 10km3 of concrete throughout 2017.

When driving on site Ryan’s main concerns were regarding punctures. The site had loose pieces of rebar scattered around it following the demolition of an existing structure. In one instance the driver was unable to pull forward to the pump as there was a large piece of metal sticking up from the ground.

The driver explained to the operative how this could cause a blow-out whilst driving which is extremely dangerous – this was also a potential trip hazard too. As a result of this conversation with Ryan, Courtney Banham, CEMEX Sales Rep, immediately arranged to meet the Site Foreman to discuss the issue and see it for himself.   Ryan, Courtney and the Foreman conducted a walk around the site and picked up on many points which concerned them all. A number of potential hazards were highlighted and the Foreman was appreciative and commented that it’s good to have a ‘fresh pair of eyes on the site’.

As a result of our “stepping in”, the large pieces of rebar are currently being dug out and disposed.  Today we are conducting a 200m3 pour and the drivers have been directed on an alternative route using a new road which has been designed specifically to avoid the hazardous area.