Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ilkley Triathlon Truck Safety

Phil Hutchinson (Asphalt Business Performance Manager) recently contacted the Area 2 Logistics team to highlight an opportunity to demonstrate road safety around large vehicles at this year’s Ilkley Triathlon. The event is very popular with athletes travelling long distances to compete in the grueling competition, which was sold out in just four hours. 2017 also represents the Triathlon’s 25th year anniversary so a fantastic opportunity to engage with a wide spectrum of people really wasn’t to be missed!

A pre-event safety visit to the site was arranged with the Triathlon organiser to ensure a safe and suitable location for the truck to exhibit.

The event took place on Sunday 17th September and went very well, with a large number of visitors and competitors climbing into the cab to see the road from the truck driver’s seat. Demonstrations of the additional safety features fitted to the CEMEX fleet vehicles were well received, along with the high level of training given to develop driver skills. This helps them understand where the danger areas and blind spots associated with large vehicles are and how to avoid them.

Thanks go to Phil Hutchinson and Ian Phoenix for organising the event and to North East lead driver, Mark Mann, and Jarrow driver, Lawrence Stobbs, who both gave up Sunday to support the event. Ian Phoenix commented: “Although it was a long day excellent feedback was received and a large number of visitors now have a better understanding of how to share the road safely.”