Health & Safety

Health & Safety

In The Healthy Month Of May

May is CEMEX’s Health Month, and whilst we may not be officially supporting a Pedometer Challenge this month, it doesn’t stop you engaging your teams locally in having a bit of a health kick.  We will be raising awareness throughout the month; based on the CEMEX Health Essentials.

There are so many inspirational websites out there which give great advice on how to get active – look at the BBC Sport ‘Get Inspired’ website, it has activity guides, an ‘Activity Finder’ and a great App to set your goal and track your progress.


…… And not forgetting about staying hydrated

The NHS recommend at least 1.2 litres of water per day (6-8 glasses). Use the Hydration Chart to see how hydrated you are.

So, can all Managers and Supervisors use the materials to engage your teams and discuss what you all can do to improve you and your family’s health and fitness.


The materials and videos can be found following the link on the ‘Sharepoint’ site:

(You may have to enter your CEMEX email address if prompted)

And also via our ‘Yammer’ site: