Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Just Stop And Think Every Time

Sadly, one of our contractors didn’t go home in one piece last week – he suffered a serious lower arm injury.  The Maintenance Fitter’s arm became trapped in the discharge door mechanism underneath a rail wagon while he was investigating a known fault.

There is a detailed investigation underway but it seems that this could have been avoided if a moment had been taken to STOP AND THINK before starting the task.

Michel commented: “This incident must remind us that we have to immediately take a step back when an operation does not go as planned and allow the necessary time to reflect on a proper and safe revision of your work plan. We should NEVER try and find work around on the spot; this is a reaction that always puts us in front of imminent danger. The revised permits to work that are being rolled out in all operations do include a statement in big letters to remind us about this so please make sure you discuss them with your teams.”

Please think about safety every time, everyday in everything that you do.  Look out for yourself and for others and ALWAYS step in if you see somebody doing something unsafe.