Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Keep Doing The Right Thing, Never Turn A Blind Eye…

Last week a CEMEX vehicle was involved in a fatal incident with a pedestrian in London.

Nigel Bateman sent out this heartfelt message to all drivers and ops staff after the incident.  Please read it and take the time to reflect on how you will think and behave today and every day. 

Dear colleague,

It is with great sadness that I advise you that a CEMEX vehicle has been involved in a fatality in London.  At the moment we have limited details, however, it is reported in the Evening Standard that the lady was pronounced dead at the scene. It does look like she was attempting to cross the road on Camden High Street around 9.35 am.

I’m sure you will join me in taking a couple of minutes to reflect on today’s events when you get home and see the news or read the paper.

Can I ask that you think about the lady who lost her life today and the surrounding members of her family. Think of everything they are going to have to go through now, the pain of a funeral to organise and get through first, then the first Xmas coming up without her, her first birthday anniversary after her death and then the anniversary this time next year of her death.

Can you also take time to consider the poor driver.  He came to work this morning to deliver concrete; he did not expect his life to be changed in such a harsh way. He will be so concerned tonight, thoughts will be racing through his head and nothing anyone says will help him, his family will also suffer with him. Can I pass on to him through this message that: “You are not alone, we will be thinking of you and all copied in here in this email are part of your CEMEX family sharing this difficult time with you.”

Also, let’s not forget the owner of the truck because he, along with his family, will now be feeling the pain as well. He has done everything possible that could be expected of him and I say that knowing him and how he conducts his business without fear of contradiction.

I also want you to reflect on all the lives you guys save daily without realising it, how proud I am to be able to say that you have all gone out and achieved FORS bronze for your vehicles. The lives you save by making sure your trucks are as safe as they can be, trucks fit for purpose – all safety features working correctly. The efforts you make to be sure your drivers are fully trained and inducted on to their vehicle and legally compliant. Think about the effort that goes into making sure your drivers and yourselves are as aware and safe as possible to go out onto London’s streets, making sure they have the best possible chance to work and deliver concrete safely.

Consider how many deliveries and truck movements we make every year on London’s roads, some of the busiest in the world. Even though tragic incidents like this one are very rare for us we must always strive to have a business where they never happen at all. All you can do is keep doing the right thing, never turn a blind eye, never think just this once I will push my luck and use this unknown driver or work this substandard truck because if that is the day fate decides to deal you a bad hand you will never get over it.

Thank you for all your continued support in helping make London’s roads as safe as they can be.


Regional Production Manager London