Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Kill The Conversation… Not A Person

Following a major road traffic incident where a young pedestrian suffered very serious injuries in a collision with one of our company trucks, we would like to reinforce our existing mobile phone requirements and their compliance. 

Although the use of the phone by the truck driver cannot be proven as a contributory factor in this instance, RoSPA have stated that research demonstrates:

If you talk on a phone at the wheel, hands-free or hand-held, in certain circumstances your risk of causing an injury or death is four times as likely.

In fact, the impact of using a phone on reaction times can be on a par with drink driving.

CEMEX UK Standards for the Safe Use of Mobile Phones

  • A “hands-free” kit in the vehicle is used. A fixed device or a system which achieves the same level of safety may be used e.g. “Bluetooth” system.
  • The mobile phone is only operated by pressing a single, easily accessible button or by using a “voice command” facility.
  • Calls should only be made if they are important and cannot be delayed.
  • Outgoing calls should be planned for a time when not driving e.g. after pulling over and parking the vehicle in a safe and appropriate place.
  • The duration of incoming and outgoing calls should be kept to an absolute minimum and consideration should be given to the driving conditions.
  • Texting is prohibited. A driver can be prosecuted if use of a phone causes them not to have full control of their vehicle.
  • If you call someone and they tell you they are driving, ask them to call you back when they have parked up safely.

The ‘Crash Course’ DVD, developed by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, tells the story of a truck driver who was jailed for 5 years because he was involved in a fatal collision whilst talking on his hands-free phone.   This is a thought provoking film using real stories about real events, personalising vital messages about the consequences of risk taking in motor vehicles and is well worth a viewing.  Copies are available via the Health and Safety Department.

Please display the poster in the download section of UK News or the end of the pdf in prominent positions on Notice Boards.