Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Last Week Was Addictions Health Week

An estimated 2 million people in the UK are fighting an addiction.

The most common ones are:

o Drugs
o Alcohol
o Smoking

Life is stressful and everyone needs something to help them relax. While some people manage to find healthy ways of relaxing everyone is tempted by vices such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The problem though is that this form of “self-medication” commonly brings out an addiction – the coping mechanism becomes an even greater problem unto itself.

There are other more sustainable coping mechanisms and lifestyle choices that you might consider trying. What makes the healthier choices less desirable for some people, however, is that they won’t provide you with gratification without requiring you to put in a little effort.

Lighting up a joint and going for a jog are measurably different activities. But, just as drug and alcohol abuse commonly damages your self-perception, you might find that the activities which challenge you will likely enhance your feelings of self-worth. And, ideally speaking, you might find that building up your confidence and self-respect decreases your desire to consume drugs and alcohol.

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