Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Let’s Get A Proper Grip In Slips, Trips And Falls!

This week’s Slips, Trips and Falls focuses on going up and down stairs, whether in an office or out on site.

Steps and stairs are one of the highest risk areas pedestrians will encounter. A slip or trip on stairs can result in a serious injury such as a broken leg or ankle.

Get a grip resizedOn average around 1,000 major accidents occur on workplace stairs every year.

Accidents on stairs may be down to design and maintenance issues and, or, could just as likely be related to human factors.

REMEMBER – when using steps and stairs:-

  • Use 3 points of contact at all times – do not carry coffee mugs, mobile phones or other objects which stop you from maintaining 3 points of contact
  • Do not run
  • Wear suitable footwear
  • Keep walkways clear of slip and trip hazards

Please ensure you display the attached poster in a prominent position on notice boards, particularly in areas where drivers are likely to see this. Also, use as a focus point of discussion at safety meetings.