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Health & Safety

Let’s Hope Week Four Was Better!!….

Over 134 Million Steps or 60,914 Miles have been completed after Week 3 of our Pedometer Challenge. The average number of steps per person so far is 9,114 which is short of the target of 10,000 and significantly behind what was achieved at this stage in 2014.

By end of week 3 we were only just past Cuba and in 2014 we were already down near Cape Horn off the tip of South America!!…  We really needed to ramp up the steps last week if we were to make it back round the West Coast of the Americas, Greenland and back to the UK !!  Let’s hope we made it…. the results are not in yet…

At the end of week three The ‘Dove Weighbridge Walkers’ remain the Team leaders and the new individual leader is Mark Brown who is part of the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ Team. Things could change as a number of Teams have yet to submit all of their figures.


A BIG “Thank You” goes to those Team Captains who have worked tirelessly cajoling their Teams to get their steps in and submit the paperwork.  It would be appreciated if the final returns could be submitted as soon as possible to enable the final results to be published. Keep stepping and having fun, (even after the challenge!). Don’t forget to post your stories and pictures on the Shift Pedometer Challenge site.