Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Liverpool Team’s Quick Thinking Saves Richey

A sub-contracted Haulage Driver, (Richey Larkman hauling for Malcolm Walsh), was experiencing some breathing problems whilst waiting for his next delivery at Liverpool Docklands Asphalt Plant. Richey subsequently began to hyper-ventilate and temporarily passed out.

The initial reactions were that Richey was having a heart-attack as he has a history of heart problems. The Plant staff acted fast and called Emergency Services whilst trying to revive Richey and bring him back round.

Richey was saved from a potentially harmful situation by the fast action and teamwork of the site operatives. Their calmness and professionalism whilst dealing with the situation meant that Richey was kept safe and in good hands until the medical professionals arrived. By stepping-in during this situation Richey’s Health and Safety was placed as an utmost paramount by all concerned.

John Smith, Northern Operations Manager, commented: “The team at Liverpool Docklands coped remarkably well under difficult circumstances on the day. Docklands is a new site with many new members of staff who rallied on the day to ensure the health of our Driver was looked after, and emergency procedures were followed in a swift manner.”