Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Look After Your Hands

While there were no Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) last week, unfortunately a contractor on one of our quarries here in the UK suffered a serious injury to one of his thumbs, which has been logged as a Recordable Injury (TRI).

He was working with a colleague to reassemble a section of the track on a dozer and, in order to insert one of the pins holding the track shoes together, they used a steel bar as an extension to drive the pin home.  The injured person was holding the bar while the Fitter struck it with a sledge hammer.  Unfortunately, the hammer glanced off the end of the bar and struck the injured person’s thumb, causing lacerations around most of the thumb, see photos.

The injured person was able to return to work on restricted duties after medical treatment, however, he may require surgery this week which could result in time off work.

Earlier this year, we shared materials to highlight the potential for this type of injury, which are available here:

Site teams are encouraged to share and discuss these materials, if they haven’t done so already.

Hopefully the contractor isn’t in too much discomfort and we wish him a good recovery.