Health & Safety

Health & Safety

LTI Free Congratulations

There were two long term LTI free achievements this week.  The hub offices have now reached 9 years LTI free while Central Readymix, Cluster 14 have managed 10 years LTI free. This is the first Readymix Cluster to reach this milestone; congratulations go to Matthew Yaxley and his Team in Norfolk and Cambridge on this terrific achievement.

Matt Yaxley, Cluster Manager, commented: “This excellent achievement is a result of the efforts of everyone in the Cluster including employees, IHCs, contractors and, of course, visitors to the Cluster focusing on safety whilst Looking After Yourself and Each Other. Where issues are highlighted ‘Stepping In’ has helped not only to getting to10 years LTI Free but also ensuring everybody goes home safe at the end of each and every day.

This is a great result and a credit to us all which you should feel very proud of whilst remembering safety has no memory and starts at the beginning of every day so let’s continue doing what we are doing best. I am confident that with your continued efforts, challenging and ‘Stepping In’ with unsafe behaviour and practices, we can remain accident free in 2015 and beyond and continue to prove Zero accidents is achievable!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for making Safety a Personal Value.”