Health & Safety

Health & Safety

LTI Free Congratulations

A number of operations reached injury free milestones last week, helping to demonstrate that there is no reason anyone should suffer an injury at work

Aggregate Logistics, Lincolnshire and Washwood Heath Areas             – 13 years LTI free

CEMEX Rail, Somercotes Factory                                                          – 13 years LTI free

Readymix London                                                                                   – 1 year TRI free                       (last LTI 10.03.08)

Asphalt UK Operations & Asphalt Southern Region                                – 1 year LTI & TRI free

Readymix Northern, Yorks and Humberside Area                                   – 1 year LTI & TRI free

Congratulations go to everyone who has contributed to these successes by working as a team to look after themselves and each other.