Health & Safety

Health & Safety

LTI Free Congratulations To….

Readymix Cluster 12 (East Midlands) reaching 7 years and Readymix Southern Cluster 20 (Avon) 4 years.  These successes reflect the efforts not only of our plant staff to keep everyone safe on their sites, but also the truckmixer drivers, technicians and sales staff who at times face additional hazards out on the road and at customer sites.  Thanks go to everyone who has contributed to these achievements, keeping themselves and their colleagues safe.

Terri Charles, Cluster Manager for Cluster 12, commented: “I would like to thank each and every one of you for this excellent achievement as it is a result of the efforts of everyone in the Cluster including employees, IHCs, contractors and visitors focusing on looking after yourself and each other, and making sure that our workforce and our contractors stay healthy and free of harm while they are employed by us.

As we know there have been TRIs in our UK business this year which we have shared with you for learning and improvement and we know how much harder it is to protect our record, along with maintaining and improving our standards. This is especially the case in harsh and risky working environments like ours.

We want everyone to go home safe at the end of every day which means we must continue our efforts on Stepping In, supporting our objective of looking after each other and making safety a personal value.”