Health & Safety

Health & Safety

LTI Free Congratulations To…

Garry Gregory – Asphalt & Paving Solutions Director, would like to congratulate Paving Solutions Northern Business for achieving 4 years LTI-free on 25th May.

Garry comments: “This is a great achievement and shows we can operate for a sustained period of time without any of the Team suffering a serious accident.

I guess any celebration is muted by the fact that we have reached this LTI milestone in the same week we have suffered a TRI in our Northern business. Whilst it is great we have achieved the LTI-free milestone, suffering the TRI last week should be a reminder to us all that safety has no memory and demonstrates we have risks and hazards that we need to further eradicate.

That said, well done to all the Team – let’s look to continue along our LTI-free path and let’s push on again to remain TRI-free as we have been previously.”