Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Make sure you Get A Grip

Unfortunately last week one of our IHC’s didn’t go home unhurt from work.  He slipped as he was climbing out of his cab and fractured his wrist.  He had to have the bone pinned and will be out of action for a few weeks.

Get a grip resized 2This means he can’t drive, and potentially can’t earn money.  Every accident has a consequence not only for the person injured but their families too.

This is the third incident this year (only a few weeks in…) where someone has fallen off a vehicle / mobile plant and suffered serious injury.  If we are to stop the ongoing increase in injuries, it is important that we all take care when using ladders and stairways, ensuring we GET A GRIP by using 3 points of contact, and look where we are placing our feet when climbing down from vehicles and mobile plant.

We can all help reduce the potential for injury by reminding colleagues to GET A GRIP where we see that they are not taking enough care by maintaining three points of contact and taking hold of grab handles and handrails.