Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Message From Michel

It is very pleasing and encouraging to report on our 13th consecutive LTI and TRI free week for employees.

I congratulate everyone for this performance that clearly shows that we, as a UK Team, can definitely deliver on our ZERO 4 Life commitment as long as we stay 100% focused and consistently demonstrate a safe behaviour and attitude every time, everywhere. Especially, we must stay alert and be conscious of risks, always STEPPING IN when we perceive any unsafe behaviour or risk. Consistency and risk awareness form the corner stone of consistent safety performance.

This week we reported to our CEO, Fernando Gonzalez, on our progress related to safety as Fernando regularly meets Country Managers heading countries that are categorised as “hot spots” due to their poor safety performance, which is unfortunately still the case for CEMEX UK. Fernando was very supportive for the work done and encouraged us to redouble efforts to consistently deliver on our ZERO 4 Life commitments.

Please read this summary of his comments:

“We cannot continue to allow unsafe practices to take place or unsafe conditions to exist, because the potential consequences for people are too severe. This is why I need you and your team to continue doubling your efforts to ensure fatalities and indeed all injuries become something we talk about from the past, rather than something still in the present.   I look forward to you moving away from being a Hot Spot in CEMEX, and for you to become one of our best performers again. I have every confidence that you can achieve that in the very near future and I look forward to hearing about the ZERO injury milestones that you reach. I know you will agree, there is no greater priority than protecting the lives and integrity of people and I am sure you will share my satisfaction when we reach our ZERO 4 Life objective.”

 Take care.