Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Moriarty Haulage – IHC Receives GOLD FORS Accreditation

This week one of our IHC companies in London, Moriarty Haulage, received the Gold FORS Award.  This is an amazing achievement by the company and they are the first of our IHC companies to get it.

Denis, John and the team at Moriarty are all totally committed to making their fleet the safest it can be with practices such as installing recording cameras allowing analysis of a complaint or traffic incident.  Telematics have also been introduced identifying exemplary drivers, monitoring fuel use and allowing legal compliance to be maintained in line with tachograph laws.

The company feels it has really benefitted from the training provided by FORS. As a result the transport management team feels confident in speaking to drivers about what is expected of them in their day-to-day duties, while also emphasising the importance of considering vulnerable road users. Drivers are a valued part of the company, the company says, and are encouraged to report anything they feel is unsafe.

John Moriarty, Transport Manager, commented: “Becoming a FORS Gold member has meant we are now recognised as a reputable haulier. Moving forward I would like to see the business improve on its current performance while still maintaining high levels of health & safety and customer satisfaction.

It is interesting to receive feedback as a valued part of the company. Drivers freely report to the office any sites they feel are unsafe, allowing us to take action.”